Sunday, July 24, 2011

And the award for worst blogger ever goes to...

MRS. VALENTINE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Woot. I'm a winner. At losing. Or something.

So I haven't written in like 3000 years and then just the other day my little sister in law tells me that she loves my blog and I'm all, "Blog? What blog?" and then I was like oh, right that blog whose existence I've been ignoring. (You can tell it's been a while by that killer run-on sentence. WINNING!)

Anyballs, I am totally blaming this on the bambina since she learned to crawl. Basically I wake up, feed the kid, try to keep her from mortally wounding herself, go to work, get her, feed her again and try to keep her from eating tile grout (that is not a joke) and put her to bed.

Lather. Rinse. Repeat.

After that there is precious little time to blog since I try to squeeze in feeding the hubs, working out and bathing whenever possible. But I promise I'll be better. I love you. It's not you, it's me. I hit you 'cause I love you.

(Sorry, I just watched that Ike & Tina Turner movie again. It's really good.)

I'm also thinking of taking the blog in a new direction, perhaps more about my attempt to remain relatively stylish and cool even with baby barf on my pants. We shall see. I just hired a kid who was born in 19-f*cking-91 so at this moment I'm feeling anything but hip. I actually feel more like a Golden Girl (but not the slutty one, the sassy one, Sofia I think?)This new blog idea though is predicated on the notion that anyone still reads this if you are out there, big smooches to you all.

Gotta run, I've got a 4th cup of coffee calling my name.