Thursday, November 29, 2012


So I've been checking in on all my favorite blogs as usual, trying to ignore my sad little one that's been neglected since summertime.  I'd be like "Hey! Look what Kendi's up to" or "Hey, my bestie T over at Curly in the City is so damn cute, I should grab lunch with her this week" and I'd completely forget that hey you have a blog too Val!  It sat there staring at me, screaming, "WHY DON'T YOU LOVE ME ANYMORE!" So I thought, maybe if it were prettier I'd be a better blogger.  It's sort of the internet equivalent of keeping that too small pair of jeans that will somehow magically prompt you to work out. 

So I thought to myself, who do I know that makes everything she touches prettier? Why my internet buddy Ashley of course! So she took on my sad little space and made it so damn pretty that I can't stop looking at it.  Which makes it infinitely more likely that I'll post on it.  Starting right....meow.  Happy to be back friends.  And if your interwebz home needs some sprucing up, I highly recommend you check out Ashley at her lovely blog.  Just don't be mad when you look at her picture and find out she's like the prettiest girl in the universe.  She's nice too, so you can't even want to smack her. Sigh.

Tell me what you think of my cosmetic internet surgery!



  1. Looks great. I'm sad I've been neglecting my blog as well. Poor second child hasn't even been introduced.

  2. I can, and will, smack her still! :)