Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Wednesday Wishlist

It's better to give than receive, right? Riiiiiight. Until Christmastime, when at somepoint during the "giving" I wander off to the shoe department and find myself squarely in the "I want to be receiving" camp. (I'm an only child. So sue me.) While the joy of finding the perfect gift for someone you love is certainly one of life's great pleasures, it doesn't hurt to look for oneself, right? Right? Here are some things I would LOVE for Santa to bring me, although it's entirely possible I'm on the naughty list. Oh well, a girl can dream.

This year I'm dreaming of new skinnies, embellished sweaters and new rain boots. And something shiny you know, because why not? Realistically the only thing I'm getting on here is the nail polish.  And maybe the necklace.  Mr. Valentine are you listening???

What's on your wishlist this winter. And are you (like me) never able to find what you want when you have a fist full of cash? Then somehow find every store stocked with the perfect stuff when you are supposed to be shopping for everyone else? That's the universe for ya. She is a tricky, tricky minx. XOXO,

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